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Who's Who in visual art 2017

In my work, my purpose is to break away from the stringent order of society, to unleash tensions and to bring about a vivid confrontation with the issues of “form” and colour”. Playing with “Contradictions” is the name of the game. In simple terms, art is clearly the creation of contradictions which must be compensated for; art is a blend of contradiction and order.


Durch meine Arbeiten will ich aus der starren Ordnung der Gesellschaft ausbrechen, Spannungen erzeugen und zu einer lebendigen Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema „Form und Farben“ anregen. Es handelt sich um das Spiel mit den Gegensätzen.

Ganz einfach gesagt ist ja Kunst die Schaffung von Gegensätzen, die wieder ausgeglichen werden müssen, ist also Gegensatz und Ordnung.

Art Critic Uffizi 2017

An intense abstract portrait, a triumph of abstraction in which the real traits a face and their feauters, are revisited, dismantled and changed to then, be given back to the spectator in a new visual interpretation.

Arte-Manuella Catalog

The most important criteria for good art is having something worthwhile and meaningful to say! Of course just what is worthwhile to say is open to some interpretation, but what is certain is that bad art never has anything worthwhile to say.

Aesthetics of becoming playful and self-analysis between reflections and Human research


In the artistic philosophy of Manuella Muerner Marioni Life and the Being plays an absolutely important role, both conceptually and visually. We could say that both are part of a single fascinating idea that existence blends utopia and reality in a game of shapes, space, color. 


The artist's aim is to break the order of use of conventional society and the world, showing him through a reflection ephemeral, changing, mutation always new.


In mirror or glass is reflected or absorbed the real space, turning into light and color, allowing the viewer to become part of the creative process of the artist through his image, , becoming an integral part.


The sculptures of Manuella Muerner Marioni break the visual schemes of classics, when in the shape and space come togheter in a close dialogue in search of a new identity. 


This may be, from time to time, the viewer reflex, daylight or darkness of the night, the chromaticism of nature or urban environment...


An art criticism by Dr. Guido Folco, Director of the Museum ITALIA ARTE

published also in NY ARTS Magazine 2016