Art Critic from Prof. Dino Marasà

Manuella Muerner Marioni is a well-rounded artist because she feels the vibrations of the universe and she transmits them to the artworks using the resources of her infinite creativity. It manifests itself in painting, sculpture and photography. Manuella is a master in the use of light, she has a great experience: her sculptures, real glass mosaics, the reproduction of photography on an aluminum plate, the light in the paintings that emphasises the narration and above all the feelings of the characters. She does this in an instinctive, natural way, because every one of her works is a projection of herself and of her knowledge, full of elegance and messages.









Description Photography at the right: The beggar with plastic bags on his feet, 2018, art photo black and white on aluminum disbond silver plate: picture made on the street in New York by Manuella Muerner Marioni


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