basic idea

In my work, my purpose is to break away from the stringent order of society, to unleash tensions and to bring about a vivid confrontation with the issues of “form” and colour”. Playing with

“Contradictions” is the name of the game. In simple terms, art is clearly the creation of contradictions which must be compensated for; art is a blend of contradiction and order.



The most crucial point form is to reach the strongest possible effect with simple forms and materials. My works are the

instrument with which I manage to break through conventional perceptions. With a regular rhythm of related shapes, linear

compositions appear which then form compositions. The transformed form, as emphasised by flashy colours, is thus

trusted by a new, self-propelled dynamic.



Those watching my works have the possibility of going out on a discovery trip and thus decoding the concealed symbols and

geometric signs in their own manner. Forms and signs become a language of their own and are often composed of hieroglyphs and

sign elements from past cultures.



The bright colour on the images is meant to tighten the signs and symbols, which are the able to create a mythical thought. The

abstract figurative elements with geometric shapes are to bring about the complexity of the whole. The image lives and alters its

expression thanks to the light cast on it. The lighting of the room enhances the image which was only painted with Perl acryl. This

complexity creates X-relations which once again emphasise the genial features of fine arts.


Make the dead alive! Bring pure matter to life through targeted perception effects!

Inspired by their immense creative power of creation, Manuella Muerner Marioni created works of art that are equipped with an individualistic identity.


Das Tote lebendig machen! Pure Materie zum Leben erwecken durch gezielte Wahrnehmungseffekte!

Inspiriert von ihrer immensen kreativen Schöpferkraft, erstellt Manuella Muerner Marioni Kunstwerke, die mit einer individualistischen Identität ausgestattet sind.